Frequently Asked Questions



Are dogs allowed?

Well behaved dogs are allowed for a nominal fee of 30€.  This is due to the extra cleaning that is involved.  The cottage and the lake are separated by a country road.  It isn’t very busy but we recommend that you keep your dog on a lead when you are travelling between the cottage and the lake. 


Are there restaurants and bars nearby?

There is a friendly English and French owned bistro in the village, which is a 2-minute drive or 20-minute walk away.  It serves pizzas, burgers and pasta dishes.  These can also be ordered and collected as a take-away.


Domfront is a 12-minute drive away and has a number of bars and restaurants.  Gorron (12-minute drive) has a bar/restaurant that serves English breakfasts.


Where’s the closest supermarket?

There is a Proxi in Passais village only 2-minute drive away, although this is a little more expensive than the bigger supermarkets. 


The closest large supermarkets are: Super U in Gorron (12 minutes’ drive away), Intermarche in Domfront (12 minutes’ drive away) or Leclerc in Flers (30 minutes’ drive away)


Do you do food packages?

At the moment, we currently don’t offer food packages but it is something we are looking into for the future.


Can I ask for a later check-out?

We only have 4 hours’ turnaround to clean the cottage, empty and sort bins and recycling, tidy around the lake, and prepare the next guests’ bait orders.  This is a tight timeframe already, so unfortunately, we wouldn’t be able to accommodate a later check-out.


Can I come earlier than 2pm?

We only have 4 hours’ turnaround to clean the cottage, empty and sort bins and recycling, tidy around the lake, and prepare the next guests’ bait orders.  This is a tight timeframe already, so unfortunately, we wouldn’t be able to accommodate you arriving any earlier than 2pm.  If your travel plans mean that you will get to us before 2pm, we may be able to allow you to drop your bags while you go to the shops.  You wouldn’t be able to have access to the rooms or the lake before 2pm.




What equipment does the cottage have?

The cottage has all the necessary kitchen equipment for you to create any meal you like.  There is also a barbecue outside for those hot summers.


How many people does the cottage sleep?

The maximum number of people that can stay in the cottage is 8 people.  There are two bedrooms, one with a double bed and a double sofa bed, and one with a double bed that splits into two singles, and another single bed.  Downstairs in the lounge there are two large sofa beds.   There are two bathrooms, one of which is en-suite.


How much are the logs for the wood burner in the cottage?

We supply a complementary bag of wood on your arrival.  Subsequent bags are 5€. 


Are towels provided?

Hand towels are provided but shower towels are currently not provided so please bring your own.




Can we have fires by the lakeside?

We have a couple of fire pits which you are welcome to use.  Please do not have any fires without these fire pits, as this could pose a wildfire risk.  Please also only use the logs provided, do not throw rubbish and other items in as this is bad for the environment.


Can I bring a disposable BBQ with me to use on the lakeside?

Please don’t bring disposable BBQs with you.  We have one that you can wheel to the lake.


Do you have electricity on the lake?

Yes, we have recently upgraded the electricity around the whole of the lake.  There are French plug sockets in every swim around the lake so you can charge your phones and bait boats. 


Is there wifi in every swim?

Yes, you will be able to access the wifi in every swim.  Please note that we live in the countryside so there may be occasions when the wifi goes down which is out of our control.  In these situations, we will do everything we can to get it back up and running again quickly, if we can.


How secure is the lake?

The gate to the lake has a padlock and you will have the key to this, along with the cottage key.  We recommend that you use the padlock if you leave any equipment over the lake.  Any possessions left in the cottage, around the lake or in the carpark are at your own risk.  


Are the gates locked at night?

The gate to the lake has a padlock and you will have the key to this, so you can lock it if you would like.


Are the public allowed to walk round the lake while we are there?

It’s a completely private lake.  You will have exclusive access to the lake while you are here.  You’ll only see us walking around occasionally, so you have the opportunity to ask us any questions during your holiday.


How deep is the lake?

The lake depth ranges from 2 foot at Mill View end of the lake to 12 foot by the dam wall.


What’s the lakebed like?

The lakebed is silty in the main body of water.  All around the tree lined margins there are solid clay areas and feeding spots.  There are some rocky areas but hardly any snags.


Are there any snags to be aware of?

There are not many snags present.  One large tree lays in the water around 6 feet in Mill View but all around it is clear so this doesn’t cause any problems.


Is there any weed?

There isn’t any weed present.


Are there crayfish or poisson chat in the lake?

There are some crayfish present but usually not enough to have any effect on the fishing.  We also have crayfish traps out at times when they are most active, which is generally the summertime.




How many people can fish on the lake?

There are 8 swims but we recommend 4 anglers as a maximum.  This allows better catch rate and the ability to move swims.


How many rods can I fish with?

You can fish with a maximum of 3 rods at a time.  You can fish a float rod on the side if you want to.


Can I use markers or H blocks on the opposite bank?

You can leave a marker on the opposite bank so you know where you are fishing.  If you use H blocks in the water these must be removed when actually fishing. Please remove any markers from the far margin before you leave.


Are there certain swims that are more productive than others?

Every swim will produce fish however the weather plays a big part in the fishing at Passais so use your water craft effectively.


Can we bring our own bait with us?

We are now offering a range of bait packages at competitive prices.  To allow us to understand what is going into our lake and in what quantities, we ask that you buy your bait from us.  We can then monitor our fish and ensure they remain healthy and keep growing for our customers.  Please do not bring home-made bait, you will not be allowed to use it.


Can I use the rowing boat?

Yes, the rowing boat is included with your holiday.  Please use the life jackets provided for your safety.  


Do you allow bait boats on the lake?

Yes, we do allow bait boats on the lake.  Please make sure they are completely dry from your previous fishing trips before putting them in our lake.  This ensures that any harmful bacteria doesn’t transfer into our lake and on our fish.  If you don’t own a bait boat or have forgotten to bring yours, we have one that you can rent for 100€ for the week.


Is there a bait limit?

You have to judge the fishing situations at any given time.  There isn’t a bait limit as such but if we feel that too much bait is being used when not appropriate, then we will let you know.




Do you allow barbless hooks?

We recommend micro-barbed hooks but you can use barbless.


Do you allow leaders?

No leaders of any kind, you don’t need them at Passais.