The Fish

All the fish are in great condition and the good water quality makes them full of energy and fight hard.


There are currently 220 carp in Moulin de Passais lake.  This consists of:

  • 2x 50s
  • 25 x 40s
  • 100 x 30s
  • 60 x 20s
  • 29 x upper doubles
  •  4 x grass carp to 45lb

Since removing 714kg of silver fish and over 500kg of grass carp, our growth rates have rocketed, showing us signs of more potential 40s and 50s in the near future. We drain the lake every 2 years to keep on top of our fish growth rates by removing nuisance fish.


As the fish are our primary concern, we would ask all our visitors to use the nets, retainer slings, unhooking mats and cradles that we provide. This good quality equipment helps keep our fish safe and reduces the risk of spreading diseases. Fish care products are also in every swim for our guests to use on hook holds or any damaged scales.


We allow both barbless and micro-barbed hooks.  Any safe lead clip system is accepted.  

No leaders allowed.  

We ask that the fish are kept above an unhooking mat when being weighed and photographed. For photographing larger fish (40lb+) we recommend this is done in the water for its safety.

In very hot conditions, please only have the fish out of the water for as short a time as possible. Get everything organised before removing the fish from its natural environment.  This reduces the stress levels and helps the fish recover quicker.

These easy to follow steps are the most important to us so we would appreciate your cooperation.