The Lake

Moulin de Passais is a 5-acre stream-fed lake in Lower Normandy, created in 1829, originally used to regulate the workings of the mill.  Since then it’s lived through both world wars, provided a water source for the local village and eventually ending up as a premium carp venue. The natural environment surrounding the lake makes it the most tranquil place to relax and watch the world go by as you try to land some of its beautiful, hard-fighting fish.

As the lake is stream-fed, it has a natural water change on a regular basis.  Using inlet and outlet pipes to provide the lake with fresh water constantly, it is the perfect environment for the fish to thrive. The lake also has a monk system which allows us to remove silty, stagnant water from the bottom of the lake.  This is replenished with fresh, oxygenated water from the stream.

There are 8 swims to fish from around the lake ranging from the Mill View shallows to the deeper water of the Boat House.  There are hard and silty areas and mature, tree-lined margins.  Depths range from 2 to 12 feet, providing options to suit different weather conditions.

All swims are spacious and gravelled to give extra comfort to the angler and no mud!  There are a couple of double swims with a wooden carved gazebo and picnic benches for a more social session. Wi-fi is available in every swim with a number of electric points around the lake.